Wheelhouse of Awareness

In my ongoing process to untap my sparkle, I have discovered many different interests, passions, and habits that bring me joy. As I uncap my sparkle, my wheelhouse of awareness expands, evolves, and grows. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of my wheelhouse.


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Untap Your Sparkle: Whole30 Grocery Store Pep Talk

So, you have made the decision to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Congratulations! You have read the Whole30 website, books and the Whole30 guide to shopping. You have your shopping list ready, and you can’t wait to be pushing the healthiest cart at the grocery store. Let’s pause for a moment, yes? Let’s get real for a moment. It is time for a Whole30 grocery store pep talk.


#Whole30MakesMeSparkle 3 Day Reintroduction Tracker

Congratulations! You completed Whole30! 30 days of making healthy, real, whole food choices. While you may be basking in the glow of all your fabulous results, remember, this process is not quite complete! Take advantage of all your hard work to truly learn your version of food freedom. It is time to slowly and strategically re-introduce the foods you have avoided these past 30 days to truly see the impact. 

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Digestion Enthusiast 101


For as long as I can remember, I have had ~all the feelings~ about digestion.  In recent years, I finally embraced the realization that my wellness goes hand in hand with digestion. This awareness is what guided me to become a DIGESTION ENTHUSIAST. Digestion is my favorite topic; this system working well is truly a cornerstone in my sparkle.