Do you feel in your bones that you could be sparkling brighter?

Sparkle Activation & Wellness Restoration Coaching

  • Stress Management

  • Exercise and Mindful Movement

  • Individualized Food Relationship Navigation

  • Intuitive Eating Strategy

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Goal Setting + Accountability

  • Meditation

  • Energy Healing

  • Spiritual Practice & Mystical Exploration

Whole30 Certified Coaching

  • Email inspiration, guidance, and support (from start to finish!)

  • Videos

  • Closed Facebook group for community, support, recipe sharing, troubleshooting, laughter, and lots of sparkle

  • One on one session(s) with your certified Whole30 Coach

Other offerings:

  • Wellness Consultation and Education

    • Curriculum Development

    • Training & Facilitation

  • Reiki & Energy Healing

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