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Untap Your Sparkle Whole30 Coaching (#whole30makesmesparkle) 


One of the most significant contributions in my ongoing journey to Untap My Sparkle is Whole30. This experience absolutely, positively changed my life. Not only did it change my life the first time I completed the reset, but it continues to change and add sparkle to my life each and every time. The beauty of this reset is that not only does it strengthen my wellness and sparkle, but the lessons and knowledge I gain keep building on the original foundation. This foundation of understanding of my health, habits, and relationship with food is exactly why I knew I must follow my dream and become a certified Whole30 coach.

The Whole30 is a unique and empowering reset. Whole30 rules are available for free online or in any of the fantastic Whole30 bestselling books. Many clients begin the Whole30 reset and find that they could use some guidance, pro-tips, cheerleading, tough love, and support. This is where your coach comes in! In this coaching container, your experience includes: an initial wellness history consultation, daily emails, Whole30 resources, weekly videos, a closed Facebook community, and one on one coaching sessions. 

Private One on One and Group Whole30 Coaching packages are available!

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