Untap Your Sparkle Coaching Plan Options

Activating your sparkle and restoring your wellness and vitality is so very possible. While the idea of making changes can feel overwhelming, messy, and anxiety inducing (like being a human, in general!), it also can be a truly beautiful process. As your coach, I will walk with you as you navigate this path... cheering you on, holding you accountable, and celebrating each and every moment and shimmer discovered. You are in control of your sparkle. Together, we will explore all the ways you can truly shine.


Sparkle Activation & Wellness Restoration Coaching

Let's find and flourish that sparkle! We begin with an initial free sparkle wellness history consultation, and create a sparkle plan from there. These sessions can include any of the service options, depending on your goals. 


Whole30 Certified Coaching

Are you ready to change your life, Whole30 style? Whole30MakesMeSparkle coaching includes preparation, planning, trouble shooting, success celebrating, and reintroduction process of Whole30. This program is customizable for your needs. 



Untap Your Sparkle Wellness Consulting

Does your company or organization need a wellness expert to facilitate and support your team in sparkling? Are you looking for someone to create curriculum or write content about joy, health, and wellness? Writing, consultation, and facilitation services are available!