Are you ready to untap your sparkle?

Making the decision to activate your sparkle and restore wellness is a huge first step! By recognizing that this is a territory you want to explore within yourself, you are setting an energetic shift in motion. Can you feel it? Your sparkle is just tingling beneath the surface, ready to bust open and shine.

Here you'll find my Sparkle Activation & Wellness Restoration questionnaire, Sparkle Tracker, and other resources that will help me get to know you better so that we can move forward with your intention to truly sparkle. 


Untap Your Sparkle Wellness History

This form helps us talk through all the aspects of the beautiful being that is you! To enhance your sparkle, we have to get to know what all its made of! This form gives us a jumping off point to discus who you are, how you live your life, and what makes you shine. Once complete, we review it together in a judgment-free territory, (because you know, as humans, WE ARE ALL COMPLICATED) followed by creating a plan. 

Sparkle Tracker

Our brains sure do love habits, don't they? So much so that those gorgeous brain pathways just push us to keep going to those familiar territories over and over and over. It can be very easy to not even realize we are going to grab Sour Patch Kids every day at 3 PM because our brain just makes it feel like home. The Sparkle Tracker is a tool to hit pause to become present with your habits. It doesn't mean anything is changing, we just have this tool to evaluate beautiful you and your habits in detail! 


Whole30 Reintroduction Tracker

A Whole30 focused version of the Sparkle tracker, this guide will help you truly evaluate which foods are worth it as you make your way into the fantastic work of Food Freedom Forever.